How can I add information to the About page?

The About page provides details to your visitors on the purpose of your site.

To update your About page go to Management, Settings, General Settings.

The Site Name and Description are first. These two fields are displayed in the banner across the top of your site and the description is used for participants when they first visit the site (before they create an account). The Site Name must be under 60 characters. The Site Description must be under 240 characters. These two fields are not displayed on the About page.

You can add a Introduction Video. The video will be placed at the top of your About page. Uploaded files are not accepted.

The Project Profile Image appears at the top left corner of your site. This image is not displayed on the About page.

You can add links and PDF resources that are important for your participants to have access to. There is not a limit to the number of links or PDFs. These resources will display at the bottom of your About page, under More Resources.

Lastly, provide a title for your About page and provide any text description. The title must be under 150 characters. The description length has 4500 characters. You have the option to bold, italicize, bullet, underline and number within the description. You can add additional links to the About page, these links will be displayed at the bottom of the page under Further Reading. Please note, a title is required to display the About page information to your participants. 



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