How do I create a survey?

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Surveys are a great tool for you to ask a series of questions within one subject area or topic. You can format the questions differently – so you can ask open and close-ended questions in this format. You may want to use a Survey if you’re collecting additional demographic information on your audience or gauging thoughts and opinions of a new project you’ve started within your community. Then once you’re ready to learn about how your audience responded, all of these questions will be bundled into one report for you.

To create a survey go to the Management Dashboard then select the Topics Tab. 

Select Create New Topic. From there you'll begin to configure this topic into a Survey.


Find the Topic Type drop down menu and select Survey, select your topic icon, create a title and the question you will ask your participants. In this case, the Title maybe something like “All About You” if you’re creating a demographic survey. The ‘question’ will pertain to the entire theme of the survey, so you might say “Answer the following questions so that we can learn more about you.” You can add additional information or background on the question in the Description area if needed. Next, select how long you’d like the question to be live. We recommend about a 4-week run, but a little longer or shorter will also work.

Next, make sure you create a Closing Message. This is a note that the participant will see as a pop up once they are finished with the survey. It can be something as simple as “Thank you for participating in our survey! Your feedback is valuable to us.”

Please check a few interest areas that pertain to the Survey (these won’t be published anywhere, but will help us at MindMixer keep tabs on the types of questions you’re asking).

Select the orange Continue button.

Within the text box of Question #1, simply fill in with your desired question. You’ll then see four different question types.

  • Multiple Choice is a poll, where your participants would answer with one of the predetermined choices. There are two entries for you to populate here, and you can add in more entries by selecting the ‘add another entry’ text.
  • Multiple Choice with one open field is the same as before but has an open text box for users to input additional information.
  • Multiple choice, multiple answers allow users to select more than one of your predetermined choices.    
  • Open-ended questions are an open field text box for users to input their own answers.

Continue to add in questions by selecting the orange Add Another Question button, and when you’re finished select I’m Done Adding Questions.

Below the questions you’ll see the Media section. Here’s where you can add in additional resources to further educate your audience or support the survey. Add in photos, videos or other resources to make it more robust.

Once you’re finished, you can save the question as a draft or publish the topic right away. Publishing means it will be available to participants, draft mode means you can look at it in the draft mode until you're ready to push it live.

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