How do I set-up a Widget?

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A widget is an application that can be embedded into a website or blog for use by visitors. With MindMixer, you can insert any Idea Submission, Instant Poll, Survey or Photo Share topic on your external website, using the HTML code provided. Visitors to that website will be able to participate in that topic, and their input will be included in your MindMixer's final engagement results.

To embed a widget you must first create your own topic within the Topics tab of the Management Dashboard. Only live topics can be embedded as a widget (Instant Polls, Surveys, Idea Submissions and PhotoShare topic types only). Within the Topics tab you will see the orange, Embed Widget, text within each topic. 

Select the Embed Widget text and a pop-up will appear with iframe code and instructions. Select and Copy the entire HTML code sequence including the brackets <>. 

If you have access to manage your website content, you can then paste this code onto a highly trafficked webpage or send the HTML code to an IT professional or webmaster that manages the content. The execution of adding the widget should be as simple as copy/paste.


There are additional resources on widgets within the Management Dashboard: 

  • Video resource: Embed MindMixer in other websites
  • PDF resource: Embed Widgets

The widget also checks participant login status, the signup and login area at the top of the widget displays only when not logged in.

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