How do we monitor inappropriate content on the site?

MindMixer strives to encourage a creative and positive discussion between users of the platform. In an effort to keep comments productive, MindMixer deploys the following fail safe techniques in instances where words or ideas are negative.

  • Inappropriate language filter: words MindMixer has deemed counterproductive will be filtered out and removed from the comment or idea. The idea will be posted -- but the bad word(s) will be removed.
  • Flags: If a comment or idea posted is offensive or inappropriate, other users on the platform can flag it. If the comment or idea is flagged three times by three different users, it will be removed from the site. The user who wrote the comment or idea will be notified as well as site administrators.
  • Removing Ideas/Comments: As a site administrator, you have the ability to remove any ideas or comments that you believe are inappropriate at any time. 

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