How do I create a photo share?

View this video for quick tutorial!

Photo share topic types are a great way for you to engage users in a different way – through visual images. A photo share topic is a question that you ask to your audience, and they in turn respond by uploading a photo of their own. These questions have been very successful to get people excited about new ideas for the community, holiday traditions, or simply to ask questions in a unique way. Photo shares also tend to reach a younger demographic.

Navigate to the Management Dashboard and into the Topics area. Select Create New Topic. From there you'll begin to configure this topic into a photo share.

Find the Topic Type drop down menu and select photo share – then work through selecting your topic icon, create a title and the question you will ask your participants. The question should ask what types of photos you want the audience to respond with. You can add additional information or background on the question in the Description area if needed. Next, select how long you’d like the question to be live. 

Please check a few interest areas that pertain to the Photo Share (these won’t be published anywhere, but will help us at MindMixer keep tabs on the types of questions you’re asking).

Select the orange Continue button and you’ll be taken to the Engagement details section. You’ll see a pre-populated field for Tag Statement and User Statement. You can add in more than the three tags shown for participants to choose from, and you can also set the number of tags that participants can select. For instance, if participants can choose up to two tags, it would mean they could convey to you that “this photo makes me feel proud AND inspired, not just proud.”

Once you’re finished, you can save the question as a draft or publish the topic right away. Publishing means it will be available to participants, draft mode means you can look at it in the draft mode until you're ready to push it live.

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