How do I sync my social media accounts?

MindMixer allows you to sync your social media accounts - both Facebook and Twitter to maximize your social marketing efforts. By syncing these accounts, you authorize MindMixer to post on two occasions:

  • When a new topic is live on your MindMixer platform
  • The day before a topic is set to close on your MindMixer platform (reminding participants to go back and give their ideas/feedback)

You can sync as many Facebook and Twitter accounts to your MindMixer platform as you'd like

To sync these accounts, navigate to the Management Dashboard and into the Settings tab. Then select Social Media Settings. To sync your Facebook account(s) you'll select Add a Page within Step 1. You will need the login credentials of this account to authorize. 


Enter the email address and password to access the Facebook page you want to connect. If you have administrator access to the page through your personal Facebook account, enter your personal login for Facebook.

After you've logged in, you will then select the correct Facebook page to sync.

You will then receive a notification that the sync was successful.

The Facebook page you synced should then appear under the Facebook set-up for Social Media Settings.

If the page does not appear to be correct, select Remove and begin again.

To sync your Twitter account(s) you'll select Add An Account within Step 2. You will need the login credentials of this account to authorize. 

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