What information is included in the Participants Report?

Located in the Reports section of the Management Dashboard, the Participants Report is one of four reports Site Admins and Analysts can use to collect information from their project.


This report provides an overview of site participants. This includes:

Participant Status

*Total Participants – accounts for the following site visitor types:

1. Those who have completed their account registration

2. Those who have been invited to the site

3. Those who have not yet completed their account registration.


*Active Participants – accounts for site visitors who have created and verified their account (How Do I Verify My Account?).

*Inactive Participants – accounts for site visitors who have started account registration or been invited to the site, but not yet joined or completed their registration.

*Banned Participants – accounts for site participants who have been banned from participating on any MindMixer site due to extreme circumstances (please consult with MindMixer’s Customer Development Team for more information).

*Deactivated Participants – accounts for site participants who have chosen to delete their MindMixer account. Once an account is deactivated, only a MindMixer team member can re-activate the account.


Sort By

1. Most Recent – filters participants by the Date Joined column

2. Points Accumulated – filters participants by the Points column (How are points awarded?)


The following participant information is provided in this report:

1. Participant Name – as it appears on the front-end of the site

2. Name – as it appears in a participant’s profile

3. Date Joined - either by invitation or account registration (complete or incomplete)

4. Status – active or inactive

5. Points – earned by site interaction

6. Postal Code – based on information collected when a participant activates his/her account

*The report is exportable by CSV/Excel or PDF

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