What information is included in the Overview Report?

Located in the Reports section of the Management Dashboard, the Overview Report is one of four reports Site Admins and Analysts can use to collect information from their project.



This report breaks down total topic activity by:

1. Engagement Details and Activity – number of open (or closed) topics, number of interactions, comments and shares.

  2. Participants – based on the account information collected when a participant creates an account, this will provide an overview of how many participants interacted across all site topics and highlights averages from the following demographic categories – gender, age and postal code.

 This report also breaks down specific topic activity by:

1. Engagement – topic type, days live, topic status, and topic activity such as – interactions, comments, ideas, and shares.

2. Participants – based on the active participant account information, this will provide an overview of total participants on the topic as well as average gender, age and postal code demographics of those who interacted. 

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