What information is included in the Traffic Report?

Located in the Reports section of the Management Dashboard, the Traffic Report is one of four reports Site Admins or Analysts can use to collect information from their sites. 


This report provides an overview of the number of visitors a site has received. This includes:

1. Traffic – a chart of site traffic. Hover over the chart to view the number of site visitors on a given day or week.


 2. Unique visitors – how many people have visited the site (repeat site visitors are only counted one time)

 3. Page Views – how many pages on the site have been viewed by participants and visitors. 


 4. Sharing – how many times information from a site has been shared across various online outlets (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Email). This includes the URL as well as specific topics. 



  5. Your Average Participant – based on the information collected when a participant signs up for an account, this section will reveal who the typical site participant is - from gender to age and postal code. 

*This report can be exported as a CSV/Excel file.



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