How do I download all my MindMixer data?

All MindMixer data can be exported as PDF and/or CSV files. To export all results you will need to go to each tab of the Reports section.

Go to the drop down menu in the top right corner. Select Reports.

First, to export traffic data from the site, select the Traffic tab. On the right side you will see an Export Options, select as as a CSV/Excel.

The exported file will include a daily count of visitors, page views, as well as cumulative visitors and page views.

Next, to export a listing of participants by status and signup, select the Participant tab in the top navigation. On the right side of the screen select Export as CSV/Excel.

The exported file will include the username, date joined, status, points and zip code for every person that was invited, joined, and deactivated their account. Please note we do not provide gender and age demographics on individual participants.

Finally, to export topic responses, navigate to the Ideas tab. You can easily export all topic results by selecting ALL ARCHIVED TOPICS. Then in the export either select Export as CSV/Excel or Export as Excel Detail.

Exporting as CSV/Excel will provide all ideas, comments in summary form. It will also include the results for any poll or survey. 

Exporting as Excel Detail will provide a listing of all ideas and comments in a grid format. Survey and Poll results are not provided in this export option.

For polls and surveys you can export each separately to provide additional detail on the results. Under Polls + Surveys, select View Topics. Then select the poll or survey you wish to download details for.

From here the export option including Export Current Topic as Excel/CSV or Export Current Topic as Excel Detail. Both export options provide the summary of results for each response option provided.

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