What information is included in exported reports?

In addition to the snapshot provided in the Reports dashboard - which include site traffic, participant information, topic results, and overall engagement - you can also export detailed reports to review and share with key stakeholders.

To export these reports go to your Reports dashboard. There are three types of reports that generate exportable data in PDF and/or CSV/Excel files: Traffic, Participant, and Ideas.

An exported Traffic report includes:

  • gender, age, and zip code of your average participant;
  • number of times your site has been shared via social media and email;
  • detailed site visitor traffic, including daily and total visits and page views.


An exported Participant report includes:

  • user names, names, and zip codes;
  • date joined and site status (active, inactive, deactivated);
  • point total based on site activity.


An exported Ideas report, which can be topic-specific or site-wide, includes:

  • idea title, details, author, comments, and number of points accumulated.


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