How do I send an email to site participants?

You can send an email to all active participants at any time. Generally, it's a good idea to email about: new topics, topic notes, topics closing, and project-related updates.

To email site participants, go to Management > Message Center > New Message.

Then, prepare your email in four steps:

#1: Select your recipients. They can be all participants, or specific groups.

#2: Add the email subject line. Keep it specific and short — but also engaging.

#3: Compose your message. Be sure to include a call-to-action, what you want recipients to do after reading your message (i.e. visit the site and answer questions).

#4: (Optional) Add attachments that provide important context. To open this section, click 'Show advanced options.'

After you're prepared the draft, send test emails to other site admins for review. Ask them to check for clarity and accuracy.

When your email is ready, you can either send it immediately, or schedule it. You can also choose to post it as a site announcement so that visitors and participants who join the site after your email is sent will be able to view the message, too.

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