How do I add an announcement on the home page?

Adding an announcement on the home page of your MindMixer site can remind participants of important updates when they come to the site.

To do this go the Management Dashboard, then click on the Message Center tab.

Create a new message by clicking on the Create New Message icon.

Create your message including your audience, subject, and body of the message. Remember to include the method of sending (either as an announcement on the platform or as an email) then select a date. You can send a test message to review your message before you send it. 

Once you've selected to send the message or scheduled the delivery you will go back to the Message Center Dashboard. From here you can see a check box next to your message to Feature the message. Click this check box to feature the announcement on the home page. If you want to remove the announcement from the home page, simply uncheck the check box.


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