How can I change the URL for my MindMixer site?

There are two options when changing the URL for your MindMixer site:

1. Updating the subdomain: Your MindMixer site is set up as a subdomain of (i.e., We can update the subdomain (yourcity) to a subdomain that is more branded or specific ( Please email with your current URL, the update you would like made, the date you need it updated and we will send you a confirmation email when it is completed.

2. Changing the domain: Your MindMixer site is set up as a subdomain of (i.e., If you would like it set up as a domain (i.e., you will need to purchase the domain and then use the directions linked below to redirect your domain to the subdomain. This is applicable if you want the MindMixer URL to be a subdomain of an existing site you already manage (i.e., Please note that the instructions are different between US and Canadian URLs.

Please note that we do not recommend changing your URL after you've launched your site to your community. Also, please make sure to check all promotional materials for the correct URL.

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