How are the ideas sorted on the Activity tab?

Newest: This sorts the activity from the site chronologically or from the most recent publish date. Each idea is sorted by the date in which the idea was added to the MindMixer site, regardless of having new activity on that idea (users voting or commenting on that idea). 

Highest Rated: The rating system is similar to a tally system in that “Neutral” is 0 stars, “It’s Okay” is 1 star, “I Like it” is 2 stars and “I Love it” is 3 stars. See this help desk article for further explanation,

For example, if one topic has 3 people that vote “I Love it” (9 star ranking) it would be higher on the scale than a topic with 4 people ranking “I Like it” (8 star ranking).

Rating each idea uses the average rating and not the total amount of ratings - average being calculated by the sum of all votes for the idea divided by the total number of users voting. Ex: Three people vote for the idea, two vote I love it for 3 stars each and one votes for I Like It at 2 stars. The average rating would be 8 divided by three, 2.67.

Ideas are then sorted in descending order of this average score, then sorted by the total number of votes received and lastly by the date that the idea was created. 

Popular: Each idea submitted has an Interactions value which is counted as the number of votes and number of comments associated with that idea. They are then sorted by interactions (descending order) then sorted by the date created. 

Note that all ideas are included within each sorting category. Ideas also have average rating and interactions values as noted above.

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