What can I access in the Reports section?

There are four reports available for any site administrator or analyst to have access to. The Traffic, Overview, Participants and Ideas reports. Each brings a unique display of activity from your site to provide you with the most helpful insight and data accumulated on your site.


1. The Traffic Report shows all activity on your MindMixer page. See below a screenshot of what this report looks like:

 2. The Overview Report will show you the total engagement and participant demographic information on your site - this includes "open" and "closed" topics. You can also filter by specific topic to view the participant activity per topic.



3. The Participant Report shows the total number of participants on the site - active or inactive, when they joined the site, how many points they've earned, and their zip code. You are also able to export these reports by certain participant status such as inactive, active, banned, and deactivated. 


4. The Ideas Report provides a breakdown of all the ideas generated by participants on your site. You can view all open or archived topics, filter down to a specific idea and view the voting results from an instant poll or survey topic.


Here are a few key terms you'll need to know when navigating through the reports:

Unique Visitors: Total number of visitors who have never visited your page before (with unique IP addresses). There are 512 unique visitors on this MindMixer site.

Page Views: Page views are the total number of pages visited within your platform. On this specific City of MindMixer site, there are 14,812 page views. This means 14,812 pages throughout your entire site have been viewed, this could be any specific topic, the Rewards page or even the main landing page.


Participants: The number of people who are interacting on your site (could be posting an idea or voting in a survey).

Total Participants: The number of people invited to your site (this includes active and inactive participants).

Active Participants: Total number of people that have verified their accounts and may or may not be interacting. 

Inactive Participants: Total number of people that have not yet activated their accounts.

Deactivated Participants: Total number of people that have chosen to deactivate their accounts. Note, the only way a participant can have their account reactivated is by contacting support@mindmixer.com

Banned Participants: Total number of participants that have had their usage on the site banned due to inappropriate comments or actions.




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