How do I set-up a reward?

The first step in setting up a reward for your MindMixer site is to navigate to your Management Dashboard by clicking the "Management" link in the drop down menu either from the right arrow or gear icon next to your name. 

From there, click the Rewards tab. See the picture below for what this page looks like. When you click the orange, "Create New Rewards" button it will take you into the page to create a new reward for your MindMixer site.


Once you click the "Create New Rewards" button, the screen below will appear.

To clarify these fields for participants, enter the title of the reward, description and upload your own reward image. The quantity field is how many rewards you are intending to give away. The price is how many points a participant has to earn to claim the reward and Order is how you want the reward to display on the site.  


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