Can we change the photo dimensions and display?

No, all photo dimensions are the same across all MindMixer sites. The dimensions for profile images are 250x250, and the marquee banner is displayed 1280x450 when you're logged out. The closer you are to those pixel recommendations, the better your photo will display. For an enhanced display image, try cropping the picture or adding white space around the logo.

Average computer screen resolutions are such that 72 -96 dpi will render most pictures accurately on most screens. Using higher resolution files on the website generally require more time to load, use more storage space, and don’t increase visual quality significantly. For example if you have page with pictures that seems to load very slow, it may be they have started with a large, high resolution.

Our adjustment programming only scales the viewing dimensions to fit the allotted space on the page, we do not modify the actual uploaded file.

Pic Sizes

  • Banner=1280x450
  • Topic=640x360
  • ProjectLogo=260x260
  • Rewards=200X150
  • Who's Listing=110x150
  • Category=260x195
  • FooterLogo=75x75
  • Challenge Judge=100x100
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