What can I do with the points I've earned on this site?

If the site administrators on a MindMixer have implemented the rewards feature, participants can use their earned points to redeem any available prizes.

To view your total number of points, visit the "Rewards Store" on the MindMixer site. The store is located under the "About" tab which is in the banner along the top of the site.


Under the "Learn More" tab, click "Rewards Store".


If you are eligible for a reward, click the orange "Redeem" button under the reward of your choice. This will send a notification to the site administrators, who will get in touch with you via email to redeem your reward.


For a full breakdown of how to earn points, under the "Learn More" tab, click "Top Contributors."


At the bottom of the page, you'll see this breakdown of how to earn points on a MindMixer site.



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