What do the icons and tabs on a MindMixer site mean?

There are some graphic icons and tabs you'll notice on any MindMixer site. These icons and tabs help you easily navigate and understand the site.

 Home, Topics, Activity, and About:

On the Home page, you're able to view any important announcements from the site administrators and open topics.

On the Topics page, you're able to view all topics (either open or closed). You can sort through the topics you'd like to view by Featured, Interactions, Newest or Alphabetical.


On the Activity page, you will see collective participant ideas from all topics. You can sort these ideas by: newest, highest rated or popular. You'll see at the top of the activity page how to select your preferred activity view.


On the About page, you're able to view information about the site. On the lefthand side, the "Learn More" categories provide you with information such as "What is MindMixer" where you can watch a short video on our mission and what drives our company to success. Other categories include:

"Who's Listening" - a list of the site's sponsors who are active on the site by reviewing participant ideas and even leaving comments!

"How It Works" - a quick rundown on the purpose of a MindMixer site and why you should join the conversation.

"FAQ" - a list of commonly asked questions by fellow site participants. 

"Top Contributors" - will display an updated list of the site's most active participants. This is important if your site offers any Rewards. 

"Rewards Store" - some sites will offer Rewards that participants can redeem based on the number of points they've accumulated. To see how many points are associated with certain participant actions, see the "Top Contributors" section and scroll to the bottom of the page. All actions and point totals are pre-determined and cannot be changed.

"Need Help?" - direct link to MindMixer's Help Desk. Type in a keyword in the search bar to pull up a list of related articles.  

Announcement Icon  

The announcement icon will alert you with a number of important announcements you have not viewed. Clicking the bullhorn will take you to the announcement center.



The search button will direct you to a page that allows you to search ideas on the site.



The gear button will direct you to the same menu as when you click a drop down arrow next to your name. This will bring up options for your account: View Profile, Account Settings and Log out.


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